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Out of all of the residential moving companies in your area, we strive to bring you the best customer service that you could ask for. We provide a service that is both reliable and affordable, with a team that is dedicated to making sure that your move goes as smoothly and as fun as possible. Our timelessness and can-do attitude are what make us unique to other movers, and we also offer all of our clients a free quote to get an estimate before they plan the big move. 

Does this sound like something you have been looking for? Are you located near Riverside TX? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with us today by picking up the phone and calling us to discuss your needs and arrange a free quote. To find out more about our services, visit our website for further information.

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Do you need an experienced and professional moving company to help you with a residential move in Riverside TX? Not A Hobby Moving offers full-service moving with transparent pricing you won’t find anywhere else. Our professional team of movers near Riverside TX can handle any moving job – big or small. We take pride in our attention to detail and hope to be the ones you hire to bring you to your new home. You can call us toll free for a free moving quote today. Not A Hobby Moving – “it’s not a hobby fellas!”

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Movers in Riverside TX offer various moving services including packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, loading, unloading, and last minute moving. Moving heavy items like antiques, pianos, or valuable belongings, hauling, and removal.  Local movers are knowledgeable about Riverside and can execute your move safely and efficiently. 

A full-service move package from Not A Hobby Moving is a time-saving, smart solution and includes all packing materials including shrink wrap, tape boxes, blankets, pads, packing and unpacking services, and also furniture disassembly and reassembly, for one cost-effective price.

To select movers in Riverside, TX that are reliable and affordable, consider these suggestions:


  • Research: Compile a list from online searches, recommendations, and reviews to identify reputable companies.
  • Credentials: Verify the company is licensed and insured.
  • Estimates: Get in-home estimates from multiple companies to accurately compare costs. 
  • Services: Ensure the company offers the services you need.
  • Communication: Evaluate the company’s responsiveness and professionalism.
  • Contract Review: Carefully read the contract, focusing on pricing, timelines, insurance, and cancellation terms.
  • Experience: Inquire about the company’s experience in Riverside with moves similar to yours.
  • Local Recommendations: Consider recommendations from local residents for insights on reliability.
  • Trust Your Instincts: Choose the company that best matches your needs and feels most trustworthy.

On moving day in Riverside, TX, expect a well-coordinated and efficient process if you hire professional movers. Your movers should arrive promptly, conduct a walkthrough, gather any special instructions, and, if you’ve chosen packing services, carefully pack and load your belongings onto the truck, securing everything properly. Larger furniture may be disassembled, and an inventory check will be performed before departure. At your new home, movers will unload items, place them in designated rooms, and reassemble any disassembled furniture. Conduct a final walkthrough to confirm everything has been delivered and isn’t damaged, then sign the inventory list and complete the final payment. Unpack essential items and organize your new space. Expect a busy but smooth day with professional movers ensuring your belongings are relocated into your new home.

The best way to prepare for your move to or from Riverside, TX is to plan your move out step by step and complete each task. Preparation ensures a stress-free move. Pack all your belongings in securely sealed, labeled boxes. If you have scheduled a full-service move

Thorough preparation is key to ensure a smooth move in Highland Park, TX. If you haven’t scheduled a full-service move, make sure all of your possessions are packed in securely sealed, labeled boxes. Make an inventory list of all your items, keeping your documents and valuable belongings separate to travel with you. Remove anything that might impede the mover’s path to their truck. Ensure your appliances are disconnected before moving day. On moving day, be available to answer questions the movers might have. These steps will help ensure you have the best possible moving experience.

Suggestions for a stress-free move in Riverside include: 

  • Plan Ahead: Plan your move in advance. Create a moving checklist to keep track of tasks and deadlines.
  • Declutter: Before packing, get rid of anything you no longer need or use. This will reduce the amount of stuff you need to move.
  • Hire Professionals: If your budget allows, hire professional movers. They can handle the heavy lifting and transportation, making the process much easier for you.
  • Pack Smart: Use high-quality packing materials and label all your boxes clearly. Pack by room and label boxes with their contents and destination room.
  • Essential Box: Pack a box of essentials you’ll need immediately upon arrival, like toiletries, a change of clothes, important documents, and basic kitchen items.
  • Notify Utilities and Services: Arrange for the transfer or disconnection of utilities and services (electricity, water, internet, etc.) at your old home and set up at your new home.
  • Stay Organized: Keep important documents related to the move, like contracts, receipts, and contact information, in a single folder.
  • Take Care of Yourself: Moving can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Take breaks, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest.
  • Ask for Help: Don’t hesitate to ask friends or family for assistance. Many hands make light work.
  • Prepare for the First Night: Set up your bedroom and bathroom first so you have a comfortable place to rest after a long day of moving.

If you find that your belongings have been damaged during your move, document the damage by taking clear photographs or videos from multiple angles. This evidence will support your claim. Notify the moving company, providing detailed descriptions of the damaged items and how the damage occurred. Review your moving contract and insurance policies to understand your coverage and be aware of any time limits for reporting damages. Submit a written claim including inventory lists, photographs, videos, and receipts or valuations. Keep in contact with the moving company and your insurance provider to track progress on your claim, and follow up if you do not receive a timely response or satisfactory resolution. You can increase the likelihood of receiving fair compensation for any damage sustained during your move by taking these steps. 

It is generally recommended to book a moving company at least four to six weeks in advance. This time frame allows you to secure your preferred moving date and gives you ample time to prepare. During peak moving seasons, like summer, weekends, and the end of the month, consider booking even earlier, around eight weeks in advance, to ensure availability. Early booking also provides time for in-home estimates and helps you avoid last-minute stress. By planning ahead, you can compare quotes, clarify services, and ensure a more organized move.

Some movers in Riverside, TX provide packing supplies if you schedule a full-service move. Not A Hobby Moving is the leading moving company for full service moving in the Riverside area,  and it includes shrink wrap and boxes, packing supplies, furniture disassembly, and reassembly, loading, and unloading, plus the use of blankets and pads. A full service move is the most convenient option for moving because you don’t have to lift a finger. We do it all for you, from start to finish. 

When reviewing a mover’s contract, ensure it covers all essential details to protect your rights and belongings. Look for a clear list of services provided, and verify pick-up and delivery dates or time windows are specified to manage expectations. Check all costs, including rates, fees, and payment terms, are detailed upfront. Understand the mover’s liability and insurance options for damage or loss, and know the process for filing claims. For long-distance moves, ensure a detailed inventory list is included. Review the cancellation policy, noting deadlines and fees. The contract should also outline dispute resolution processes and include the company’s contact information and licensing details. Make sure any verbal agreements are documented in writing. Thoroughly reviewing the contract helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures a fair and clear agreement for your move.