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Whether you are moving your office because the lease is up or you found a new building that is more suitable to the needs of your business, Not A Hobby Moving can help. You want your office location moved with a minimal amount of interruption, so we work with you to find the best time to pack up and move your furniture and equipment. Your office equipment is worth a lot, our professionals use a high-quality of care when moving your office in Austin, TX. You can call us to get a free quote and transparent pricing for your office move.

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Austin Commercial Movers - FAQs​

Our process for handling your business’s sensitive equipment or confidential materials during a commercial move includes using specialized materials for secure packing. When it comes to insurance for sensitive items during your move. please visit

If you’re a business owner who is concerned about cybersecurity you may want to contact a specialized IT relocation and cybersecurity teams or service providers to ensure your data remains secure during your move and transition. Sometimes external consultants are needed if the move involves complex or highly sensitive data. 

If you’re a business owner in the Austin, TX area and need commercial office relocation services like setting up new office space, moving, packing and unpacking services, furniture disassembly and/or re-assembly, loading, unloading, or any additional help, look no further than Not A Hobby Commercial Movers in Austin, TX for the most reliable, cost-effective and dedicated commercial moving assistance.

We can provide a detailed inventory list of the items you need to be relocated. We are well-organized and label boxes carefully to ensure the contents inside are accurately accounted for and can be easily identified upon arrival at the new location, in addition to the inventory list. 

Our commercial moving team is adept at handling unexpected challenges and keeps their cool regarding any changes during or before your move.

We keep the lines of communication open with all our clients because clear communication can help address any issues as they arise.

We are also willing to be flexible and adjust timelines when necessary and accommodate unforeseen delays when possible.

Because we are a professional moving company, our movers are experienced in all aspects of commercial office relocations and we can navigate challenges and find efficient solutions due to our past experiences.

Unexpected challenges are simply part of the moving process and our office moving team is ready to calmly and professionally handle any issue thrown our way.

Flexibility and preparedness are key in managing the unexpected during any office move.

Your office assets are in secure and capable hands with our expert team. We utilize the necessary equipment for safely loading and unloading what you need transported. We’re equipped with the right tools for disassembling furniture for more efficient transport and arranging it following your specific instructions. At Not A Hobby Moving, our highly skilled and trained movers will manage your office move, ensuring that every item is treated with meticulous care and expert vigilance. A significant benefit of selecting us as your commercial professional movers in Austin is our extensive experience, guaranteeing the protection of your office belongings throughout the loading, transportation, and unloading process. We implement meticulous precautions to safeguard the well-being of your staff and ours, ensuring a safe and injury-free moving process.

Estimating the cost of a commercial move involves evaluating overall expenses. Here’s a general approach to estimating the cost:

  • Size and Scope of the Move: We assess the volume of items to be moved. This includes furniture, equipment, and inventory. The more items, the higher the cost.
  • Distance of the Move: The distance between the old and new locations significantly impacts the cost. Longer distances require more fuel, time, and potentially lodging for our moving crew.
  • Moving Services Required: Additional services such as packing, unpacking, disassembly, reassembly of furniture, and specialized handling for equipment,  add to the overall cost.
  • Access and Logistics: Factors like the ease of access to both the current and new locations, elevator availability, the need for special moving equipment, and the complexity of moving large or heavy items could potentially increase the cost of the move.
  • Insurance and Liability Coverage: Assess the cost of insurance to cover potential damages during the move.
  • Time of Year: Moving costs can vary depending on the season. Peak moving seasons (like summer) might have higher rates due to demand.
  • Employee Downtime: The potential cost of business interruption or employee downtime during the move. might be a factor in your costs. 
  • Additional Rentals: Include the cost of any additional equipment rentals like cranes, forklifts, or additional storage space if required.

We have the flexibility to accommodate special requests or custom requirements for your move, depending on the nature of the request and the timing of its submission.

Our goal is to satisfy your specific needs and ensure your move is both well-coordinated and successfully executed without any complications.

If you know you have special requests or custom requirements, call us and let us know as soon as possible so we can create a thorough plan. Preparedness is one of the most important factors in a successful commercial move. 

Not A Hobby Moving’s commercial moving in Austin, TX, makes sure we securely and properly pack and transport your commercial items with very little business downtime, delivering them on time for you.

Your move shouldn’t interrupt the flow of your business, so we will do our best to accommodate your moving schedule.

We know that deadlines are as important for your business as they are to ours and we make every effort to ensure that business assets are protected and arrive in a timely manner for each of our valued customers.

If you’re concerned about possibly needing last-minute moving, contact us as soon as possible so we can anticipate what you might need. We work quickly, safely, and efficiently to be the best high-quality commercial movers in Austin.


We have vast experience with inter-city and long-distance moving services for commercial businesses and we are prepared to plan and execute yours efficiently. Not A Hobby Moving is extremely proud to offer a wide variety of unparalleled moving services including:

  • Competitive and affordable pricing for commercial moving
  • Expertise in long-distance office relocations
  • Office moving services that match the care and precision of our residential moves
  • A steadfast dedication to meeting your scheduled moving date
  • Providing early estimates for commercial moves to aid with your planning
  • Exceptional ratings and feedback from our highly satisfied clients
  • A team of professional and approachable movers ready to assist you in every way possible
  • Complimentary access to educational videos and articles

Our Not A Hobby Moving team is ready to support your upcoming move by handling all the heavy lifting for your commercial business. Unusually shaped items often require meticulous handling, and our specialized services are tailored exactly for these situations. We understand the importance for your business of knowing these large or unusually shaped items will arrive in pristine condition on time so you and your employees can resume their work schedules and continue with business needs. Rest assured, that we will take every measure to safely and accurately deliver them to your new business location promptly. 

Not A Hobby Moving is your premier office and commercial moving company in Austin. We offer our clients the best moving services, including timeliness, transparent pricing, and versatility to handle any moving situation that arises. Allow us to be your dedicated, trustworthy commercial mover, and contact us for a free quote today. 

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