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Before you move your business, read this brief guide for helpful tips and recommendations.

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Professional Office Movers in Austin, TX

When Should you Hire Austin Commercial Movers?

Are you a business owner transferring buildings or an employee needing to relocate to a new office? Have you rented a new office in Austin for a personal business? Do you need to remodel your office or commercial building?

If you are in any of these situations, it may be time to hire professional movers.

What to Look for in Commercial Moving Services

A large transition requires the right people for the job. Your office move is as important as your business. Find a moving company that understands that.

The service you choose should be able to move office equipment and furniture without causing damage. You should also see if your business qualifies for any special rates available. Anyone representing the service should be professional and willing to answer all your questions.

How to Find the Best Commercial Movers in Austin, TX

Any moving company can claim to be the best. However, a reputable one will have proof. A company that can’t verify its claims may be a scam or an unprofessional service attempting to hide its criticisms.

That’s why we proudly share our experiences across six social platforms. You never have to question our legitimacy. Our popularity around the city further demonstrates our dedication to quality service.

Not a Hobby Moving

Start your search for office movers in Austin, TX with the city’s top choice.

Who We Are

Not a Hobby Moving is a team of professional commercial movers. Austin is our home, and we understand how hectic moving day can be. That’s why we ensure every move is as stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

What We Offer

To provide the best moving experience, we offer an array of services:

  • Careful planning for a stress-free relocation process

  • Office furniture disassembly and reassembly

  • Packing and unpacking services

  • See a full list of services here

Where We Serve

We provide our professional moving service to Austin, TX and the surrounding area. Not a Hobby Moving is locally favored and respected. Our high satisfaction rate shows our dedication not just to the move, but to you.

We give back to the community by providing the best commercial movers in Austin, TX.

How We Compare to Other Commercial Movers in Austin

We pride ourselves on providing unrivaled services:

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  • Affordable prices
  • Office moving services that are as gentle and meticulous as our residential moving services
  • Commitment to fulfilling your moving date
  • Long-distance office moves
  • Giving advanced estimates for the commercial moving process so you can plan ahead
  • Excellent ratings and reviews from highly satisfied customers
  • Professional yet friendly movers who are happy to help you however they can
  • FREE educational videos and articles
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How to Prepare for an Upcoming Commercial Move in Austin, TX

Before you begin an office move, there are a few things you need to do to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Know the new location

  • Understand the new space so you know how much you can fit into it

  • Find Austin commercial movers to get an estimate

  • Explain all the details to the office movers so they can help you plan ahead

  • Let your customers know in advance when and where your business is moving

We understand moving can be a burden. That’s why we have countless guides and tips to keep you on track. Our team will also help you every step of the way, from packing the first box in your old office to placing the last plant in your new office.

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Are you ready to move? Contact us by phone or email to receive a free moving quote. We always provide the best estimates possible to prevent surprises later on.

Begin planning commercial moving services today!

Do you need to wait a little longer? In the meantime, you can find more moving tips on our blog. We also post educational content and our experiences on social media.

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