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What is the most important thing when it comes to moving? At Not a Hobby Moving company, we believe that our dedication towards fulfilling the client’s needs is our superpower. We realize just how stressful it can be to move to a new place.

The South Austin area is filled with opportunities and attracts hordes of people wishing to leap into a new phase of their lives. Whether it be the American dream that brought you here or being accepted into one of the many internationally acclaimed colleges, you’ll need some decent South Austin movers to get you moving.

Not a Hobby Moving is all about taking the load off your shoulders and ensuring that you get the service you want, and that too for a reasonable price. Powered by professional team members, our moving company is dedicated to providing the best services in South Austin for both local and long-distance clients.

In the years, we have been active in this business, we have earned much acclaim and popularity owing to our uncompromising standards of customer service excellence.

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Expert Moving Services

If you’re planning on shifting places, you will feel confident hooking up with one of the top-rated South Austin moving companies, like ours. Why? Because we put your moving needs before everything else.

Your household items will be in safe hands as our staff is well trained, and we hire only true professionals to get the job done for you. Our full service makes the whole process much more efficient, leaving no stress or hassle on your part.

We’re not just movers but instead, offer support and assistance in all aspects of the whole thing. Got boxes littered all over your place? We’ll wrap them up. Have you got furniture to be moved? We’ll take care of it. Got delicate items that may break upon impact? We’ll pad them up nicely to keep them safe.

When you call us and book an order for the South Austin area, your responsibilities end there, and we will take care of everything from that point on

Moving Services

apartment moving austin tx

Apartment Moving

Apartment moving with Not A Hobby Moving in Austin is a breeze thanks to our experts. Stairways and narrow hallways don’t stand a chance against our team members with experience in various moving scenarios. Your belongings are safe during every step of your apartment move.

Residential Moving

No matter how many bedrooms you need to move, your professional Austin movers can handle it. Not A Hobby Moving has experience handling residential moves with as many as five bedrooms. There is no job too big that we cannot move. Your family and your belongings are safe when you let us offer you our full-service moving experience.

Packing & Unpacking

A part of your moving experience with Not A Hobby Moving is our packing and unpacking services. We use premium packing materials to get your belongings ready for safe transport. Continuing with the stress-free experience, we unpack and dispose of the trash, giving you time to marvel at the beauty of your new home.

High Rise and Condo Movers

Our crew is more than capable of getting you shifted to one of those new high rises that have become widely popular in Austin. South Austin is evolving rapidly, and we have done our best to keep up with its pace.

Moving into condos and high rises is tricky, to say the least, but it is not a problem before our years of experience and excellence. You should also not be concerned about your stuff getting damaged, it ain’t happening on our watch.

If you’re still unsure about our claims, just take a look at some of the generous reviews that satisfied customers left for us, these words perfectly captivate what we wish to deliver to our clients.

moving company austin txMoving With a Pet?

Your family dog may not buy the idea of relocating all that well. But not to worry, we’ll make sure that your pawed partner does stress out during the whole process. We’ve had several experiences with family dogs, and believe us; our team members are all pet-lovers.

You can get a more detailed explanation over the phone, but one thing we can guarantee here and now: your satisfaction is everything to us, and that includes a comfortable journey for your pet.

college moving austin txCollege Moving

Your son or daughter has been accepted to a prestigious institute in Austin, congratulations! You’ll want to savor every moment until you have to bid them farewell. Don’t ruin that time worrying about the relocation, instead enjoy it, we’ll handle the work.

We are well-acquainted with Austin’s many reputable institutes and are more than capable of managing the move for you. Perhaps the whole family would like to relocate for convenience? No problem, we can manage that too.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Before we wrap things up, there is a critical situation to discuss. The current pandemic is a threat for all of us, the situation is dire, and the best we can do is to play our part in preventing it from getting any worse.

It is in this context that we have decided to follow certain health-safety SOPs and would be grateful if you would uphold your part in these steps:

  • Please avoid overcrowding in your home, we know it can be hard, but it is important
  • We will send only as many crew members as needed, no more, for safety reasons
  • Social distancing and avoiding physical contact such as shaking hands should be ascertained
  • Please use face masks when our team members come over; they’ll do the same
  • Ensure that pets and children are safely distanced from the whole thing
  • Disinfect the house frequently and wash your hands to avoid contamination

Thank you for reading till the end; we’d love to hear from you and get you moving 🙂

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