Pennybacker Bridge Overlook

Even if you have never been to Austin, chances you have already seen a picture of two insanely stunning sunsets overlooking the Austin 360 Bridge or popularly called Pennybacker Bridge, and ask yourself, is this real? It is real; in fact, it is more stunning and breathtaking in actuality.

The Pennybacker Bridge is an architecturally stunning bridge on the west side of Austin that allows Highway 360 and pedestrians to cross the Colorado River or Lake Austin. The bridge is relatively commonly photographed for the city’s tourism brochures or promotions. This also has a remarkable overlook accessible by this trek which is worth a quick stop when passing by.

A wonderful, popular, but challenging hike that provides amazing sceneries of the city’s skyline and one of the most renowned bridges in the city. 

This is a relatively challenging hike; however, the view is definitely worth your effort. Here, there are two sides you can trek on, the west and the east. The west part is very popular because it allows you to witness the city’s skyline and the Pennybacker Bridge. On the other hand, the east part is a perfect place for sunset sightseeing. Both sides need considerable rock climbing, but the climb is not that long. The Pennybacker Bridge Overlook has come with an out-and-back trail which is only 2 miles. The trek follows the Colorado River around the curve. If you pass the climbing at the start of the trek, it gets much simpler. The trail is greatly trafficked and especially on holidays and weekdays.

This is a dog-friendly area; however, they should be on a leash as the road is next to the cliff.  However, this isn’t handicapped accessible.

How to Experience the Magnificent Views

To experience 360 views, you have to do what many locals do, and you have to climb to the pinnacle. Even if there is ample hiking in the place, the Overlook is a must-visit. While it is likely you will witness a lot of stylish couples taking pictures with this scenic background, their look makes the trek a tad harder. This is just a ten-minute hike but a bit stony, so it is advisable to wear tough shows for a secure and safe climb as you climb up to this amazing view.

The trail starts in the middle of the parking area near the trash can, as well as a sign with policies. After going to the woods an extremely short distance, the trek turns south and starts immediately climbing the cliff. Also, there are rock ledges to step over, which are sand and slick. But, it is an easy trail in general. A little bit farther is a similar trail in the forest which seems to be an amalgamation of informal ways around the small steps or stone ledges. On top of the cliff is empty, so you can witness the view without obstruction. You can go on a bit along the corner of the cliff to experience the 350-degree view. Sunset is the best time to visit the place; however, there are people taking pictures all day on a daily basis.

The best thing to do at the top of the cliff is to take pictures of the stunning skyline. Point your camera north to capture rolling Hill Country, while sceneries just west of the Overlook will highly incredible skyline with the bridge overlooking Lake Austin.

Have I mentioned the scenery is stunning and incredible? While that is true all day, nothing quite goes with the scenery in the afternoon during sunset. The bright flow of the city sun lights the place as well as reflects the calm water of Lake Austin. The place is busy during sunset, and that is proof of how remarkable it is on top of the cliff.

How to Reach Overlook?

The place is very accessible. You can find the parking area on the west portion of the highway, north of the Pennybacker Bridge. The simplest way of getting to the parking space is by going south on Loop 360. Also, there are a lot of spots to pull in. So, prepare yourself for a very rewarding trek.

Important Information to Remember