Moving Etiquette: How To Keep Neighbors Happy When You Move

It’s that time of year again. Your lease is up, and you can afford a nicer place. That means it’s time to pack everything up and move on to your next apartment. Unfortunately, an apartment move will always be a pain for you and your neighbors, especially in a cramped apartment building. That’s why Not A Hobby Moving is here to review proper moving etiquette. You can minimize the disruption caused by your move and keep everyone happy. Please keep reading for tips on making your move as smooth as possible!

Try Not To Disturb Them

We want to emphasize the “try” in this topic. As much as we’d like for it to happen, carrying a couch down three flights of stairs is never going to be a silent process. However, you can take the steps necessary to ensure that the maximum level of consideration is put into effect.

Moving the heavy stuff when nobody is home is the best way to do it. Alternatively, you could wait for the weekend when the neighbors won’t care as much about loud noises. Whatever you do, never take care of the noisy stuff early in the morning or late at night. That will be a surefire way to get everybody annoyed. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to hire professionals to take care of the job. They also offer packing and unpacking services to make your move even easier.

Don’t Inconvenience Them With Your Stuff

On the day of your move, the space outside the building you used to call home will be crowded with boxes, furniture, and a moving truck or two. If you don’t want to anger anyone who lives in the area, you’ll want to ensure that walkways and roads are clear. This is especially true in tight parking lots. Nobody wants to come outside to find out a truck is blocking their spot, preventing them from leaving. As long as you plan things out beforehand, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Talk To Them Before Moving Day

The most important piece of advice we can give you on moving etiquette for keeping your neighbors happy when you move is simply to talk to them before the big day arrives. Figure out what their schedule looks like and try to work with them to avoid conflicts. If you get everything out in the open before you move, there will be less conflict the day it happens. This will make things easier for everyone involved.

Do It All Again At the New Place

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed doing all of this—because you get to go through the whole process again with your new neighbors. You could argue that it’s even more vital with the new ones since you’re going to be stuck living next to them for at least the next year, so be sure to give them enough notice before that day comes.

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