Emma Long Metropolitan Park

Are you longing to put your feed in the sand or go for a swim and allow your little ones to splash and picnic? If so, Emma Long Metropolitan Park is the best place to visit. Head over to this place for a perfectly lovely play day.

Emma Long Metropolitan Park Overview

Emma Long Metropolitan Park is a massive town park located in the northwest portion of Austin. This park sat on the Lake Austin shores and was initially named City Park. This features campsites, open space, picnic table sites, boat ramps, as well as a designated swimming area.

Civilian Conversation Corps had just completed Bastrop State Park in 1939 and transferred to this location to start developing the area of land into a town park. The main work of the company included sodding grass and seeding, planting trees as well as securing the bank of the lake from erosion. The company built piers, docks as well as a boathouse. Also, they constructed a bathhouse made of wood and a concession stand. The wooden structures were burned and replaced with stone structures which are still in use at this moment.

Emma Long Metropolitan Park is an ideal place to spend your day with friends and loved ones. It accommodated guests from Monday through Sunday and takes account of a long expanded lake lined with juniper and oak trees, gives boat access, a lot of space for swimming, a small sandy place for little ones to play, many picnic tables, and barbeque grills and the bathrooms are clean. If you love trekking, the good news as Emma Long Metropolitan Park has hiking trails- a perfect place to work out your legs and lungs. 

It is highly recommended to arrive at the place as early as possible to beat the afternoon heat and, at the same time to keep away from peak crowds. You will also find many families and circles of friends decide to bring food for grilling with plans to spend the entire day in the canopy of the big trees. 

Kids Friendly Park in Austin

Emma Long Metropolitan Park is a kid’s friendly park. Many kids love sitting on the long docks while watching the boat go by. The small beach part is a big hit, where kids can play in the soft sand and splash in the roped-off shallow water. Parents and adults can take floats or kayaks, have a relaxing day out, or watch swans swimming by.

Best Trails in the Park

Emma Long Metropolitan Park offers three trails perfect for those who love trekking.

  • Turkey Creek: This is one of the most popular trails inside the park. The route mostly travels along single-track trails, which are stony with exposed tree roots. Also, there are parts of forested sections that offer shade that is ideal for summer hiking. 
  • There is signage all over the place, so you know where you are going, and the trail is well-maintained.
  • Emma Long Cliff Loop: Another popular trail inside the park is the Emma Long Cliff Loop. This scenic hike is next to the Lake Austin cliffs and features stunning sceneries of the forest and the bordered areas. The trailhead is on City Park Road and forms a circle near the eastern corner of the park. This is considered the least trafficked trail, but an ideal place to visit if you want to witness the limestone cliffs.
  • Emma Long Motocross Loop : The 72-kilometer look is considered a mountain trail, and it takes almost two hours to complete the route. This is a popular trail for a motorbike, but guests can still enjoy solitude during quieter times of the day. This is open every day and all throughout the year. 


The current patrons are needed to get day passes for this park for Fridays to Sundays through online registration or by phone. Passes are only limited per day. There is no registration fee required from Monday through Thursday; however, once it reach the number of guests on those days, they will post a sign noting no further entry. 

Important Information to Remember