How To Pack Moving Boxes More Effectively

When it comes time to move, anybody can just throw their stuff together haphazardly and call it a day. If you want your packing to get done right, though, you need to put in some more effort. As long as you follow this guide on how to pack moving boxes more effectively, you shouldn’t have any issues during your upcoming move.

Use the Correct Supplies

Most people use boxes and bags that they already have lying around the house when they start packing. While this does save a bit of money, the end product won’t be pretty. Their stacks are going to be uneven and some of them will be difficult to carry.

If you buy boxes specifically made for moving, they’ll be much sturdier and come in only a handful of sizes, making stacking much more manageable. While you’re out, be sure to grab plenty of bubble wrap and tape. That way, you can wrap up breakables and secure all of the boxes once they’re full.

Sort Your Stuff Into Groups

Before you start throwing your things into boxes, you should split them up into categories. This will make both packing and unpacking easier. Nothing is worse than getting to your new place and not knowing where your pizza cutter is since you didn’t pack it with the rest of your kitchen stuff.

Be Strategic With Your Packing

Once you’re done categorizing, it’s time to start packing. You should begin by wrapping all of your fragile things into bubble wrap. Once they’re all covered, put them all into the same couple of boxes. Just be sure not to have them right up against each other. Either use towels or box dividers to give them an extra level of protection.

After that’s settled, it’s time to pack up everything else. It’s best to think of each box like a game of Tetris. You have to maneuver the pieces in just the right way to get them to fit securely and save as much space as you can. Try your best to fill each box to the brim. This will make stacking them much easier.

Never Pack Alone

No matter how closely you follow our guide on how to pack moving boxes more effectively, none of these will lead you to max efficiency if you’re working alone. You need to invite some friends or family members over to help you out.

If you don’t have any nearby or you’d rather have some pros help you out, then you’ll want to look into a packing and unpacking service like the one we offer. We’ll handle everything for you. That way, you can focus on more essential aspects of your move.

How To Pack Moving Boxes More Effectively

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