3 Challenges of Moving During Winter & How To Overcome Them

Just because the holiday season is over doesn’t mean winter is. There are still a few months of cold weather left. And if you’re planning a residential move at that time, you will run into a bit more trouble than usual. Not A Hobby Moving – Austin Movers put together this list of three challenges of moving during winter and how to overcome them.

The Challenges

Regardless of what you’re doing, the cold and snow bring on many challenges. Here are some of the biggest ones to be aware of as you prepare to move.

Moving Wooden Furniture

Even if you protect your wooden furniture well, the wood could get warped or broken during the move if it gets wet. This is mainly a problem in low humidity environments because they will create air pockets for the water to seep into, making the damage even more severe.

Securing Fragile Items

Fragile items always have the chance to break during a move, but the likelihood of that happening increases significantly during the winter. Freezing temperatures make things like glass and electrical components more brittle, which can lead them to shatter or snap under pressure more easily.

Driving on Dangerous Roads

The most important challenge to remember is driving on the roads. Even if it’s not snowing that day, the ground can still be slippery, especially if it’s below freezing out. Not only is this a problem for driving, but it can be an issue when walking boxes out to the truck.

The Fixes

Of course, this list covering the challenges of moving during winter and how to overcome them would be no good if we didn’t tell you how to fix these issues, so here are some tips.

Keep Up With Weather Announcements

The number one way to avoid these potential problems is to avidly watch the weather. If there’s a blizzard on its way or a large cold front about to pass through, you’ll want to push back your moving date. If that’s not a possibility for whatever reason, you should find the calmest part of the day. Once you actually start moving boxes, the work shouldn’t take more than a few hours. So you can still possibly escape the worst of the weather.

Use Weatherproof Packaging

When protecting your breakable items and wooden furniture, you have some options for weatherproofing them. Using plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes will keep much of the water and cold away from your items. You can also take advantage of our packing and unpacking services to ensure your belongings are well-protected throughout the process. You can also cover fragile items in bubble wrap or put them in boxes with packing peanuts. This will keep them a bit warmer while protecting them from damage. For large wooden pieces of furniture, you can use cling wrap to cover the exposed wood. This will block out any wetness that might come their way.

Hire a Moving Company

Our last bit of advice is to hire a moving company. This is particularly important if you live in an apartment with outdoor stairwells. If those get icy, they will be quite dangerous to use. Fortunately, our team of movers in Austin has the gear and experience to deal with such an issue.

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