The Best Tools to Help You Move

When you are moving home, you can bypass a few stresses here and there by ensuring that you have some essential equipment to ensure that your belongings are kept safe. When it comes to the heavy lifting, you would be better off hiring a team of professional movers to ensure your furniture gets to your new home safely, but there are a few tools you can use at home to prepare for the big move. 

Packing Boxes

The most obvious item to have at your disposal. You will want to get your hands on various sizes to cater to the many different things you will be shipping. Once you do have your cardboard boxes, you will then want to move on to keep them as secure as possible. 

Packing Tape

And you can do so with some quality packing tape. This is used to help put your cardboard boxes together, though you need to be aware of the tape you buy. Ensure that the tape you choose is sturdy enough and can stick to the cardboard efficiently. You often get what you pay for with tape, so try and avoid going cheap lest something disastrous happens to one of your boxes. 

Plastic/Bubble Wrap

You will want to keep your items together wherever possible, so plastic wrap can come into play here. This can be used to keep specific furnishings that you want to keep together in the move, making life easier for when you unpack it at the other side. Then, of course, there’s bubble wrap, which is one of the essential pieces of your inventory when moving. Make sure you use plenty to keep those precious, fragile items safe on their journey and reduce to risk of breakages. 

Moving Blankets

These are often overlooked by people moving home, but they can be an absolute godsend for several reasons. They are convenient for moving any furniture you have with a sharp edge and can stop it from getting stained or damaged when being moved out from home. Depending on the weather and terrain, you can also use them to cover the floors in your new home to stop you from tracking any mud in after a busy day of moving. 

You can get these items for relatively low prices or even free where possible. You could ask a friend or local business for any spare cardboard boxes, and you can use old bed linen or even carpet as a makeshift moving blanket. However, if you would like true peace of mind, you should consider hiring a professional moving company to help you with your move. They will come equipped with all the relevant tools you will need and will also be able to do the heavy lifting for you, taking a load off your mind as you prepare to finally move into your brand new home. 

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