Tom Hughes Park

If you are searching for a perfect place for some sun on a stony shore, or just want to get closer with the nature,  Tom Hughes Park is the best place to visit. This park provides ample space to bask and is just half an hour’s drive from the city center of Austin. Lake Travis will feel like a pleasant douse for those who choose to tread water in tepid temperatures than Barton Springs. On the other hand, reaching the lakefront needs navigating some tricky and steep terrain, so you will surely wish to ditch the flips for more substantial footwear. However, trust us, your sunset swimming will be worthwhile.

Overview of Tom Hughes Park

Tom Hughes Park is situated in the basin part of Lake Travis, closer to Mansfield Dam, in the picturesque Hill Country of central Texas. The lower part of the theme park takes account of sharp limestone boulders and outcroppings along the shore, while the upper elevations take account of oak woodlands and dense juniper.

The park is a superb place to sunbathe, swim, or view the sunset over Lake Travis. Many primitive trails with sharp predispose lead down to the water’s corner, offering close-up sights of an exceptional diversity of Hill Country plants and greens.

Tom Hughes Park is one of the less heavily visited parks because of its rugged terrain and limited parking.

Location and Access

The entrance fee is $3 per visitor and $10 per car. They only accept cash, and they release permits annually. This park is not open all year round. The park is usually closed after heavy rains due to dangerous trail conditions.

Inside the park are many paths with sharp and vertical inclines going to the lake that need special caution. If you visit the place with kids or if you are disabled, perhaps you must visit other parks in the area. Parking at Tom Hughes Park is limited, but it is usually not an issue since immensely few guests are visiting the place.

Amenities and Facilities Inside the Theme Park

Tom Hughes Park offers well-maintained portable toilets. However, there are no showers, electric outlets, or drinking water sources; therefore, ensure you bring water and power banks if required. Furthermore, rental service is unavailable on-site, so it is advisable to bring any equipment and gear you might need for outdoor recreation.

Swimming Conditions

Lake Travis has spectacular water, crystal clear and bright blue. Therefore, swimming is enjoyable and relaxing; however, the rocky swimming corner is not safe for kids and needs extra caution. It is also advisable to wear water shoes as the bottom of the lake is rocky. Scuba diving and cliff jumping are also some things to do in Lake Travis, but it depends on the water level. 

Rules and Regulations/ Policies 

If you are a dog owner, you can bring your pet with you. But never allow it to play, run or swim off-leash. Alcohol is not permitted. You are also not allowed to bring drinks in a glass container. Camping and making bonfires are also prohibited. 

The trail that leads you to the Lake Travis shoreline is marked with a sign showing the rules and regulations of the park. Grab tough hiking boots or shoes if you want to boulder in the limestone or treasure hunting in the stony terrain lining the Lake Travis shoreline. 

There are many primitive trails that wind through tree roots of oak, juniper, and rocks as you go down the way down to the outcroppings of limestone. After coming out of the trees, you will be rewarded with the best and most thrilling sceneries of Lake Travis, the nearby hillsides, and the island. 

Driving Time to Tom Hughes Park 

If you are coming from Downtown Austin, you can reach this place within about half an hour of driving. One hour and forty minutes drive from San Antonio and two hours and fifty-five minutes drive from Houston. 

Rentals and Hotels 

If you are considering staying for a couple of nights, many choices are available close to the park. Choose your proffered type of accommodation and your preferred room provider. 

Important Details to Remember