Onion Creek Soccer Complex

Onion Creek Soccer Complex is one of the premier locations for league games or soccer tournaments in Austin, Texas. This complex is managed by Austin’s Men’s Soccer Association and is made up of 10 well-maintained fields. The outdoor facilities include multi-purpose fields and restrooms. 

Kids and adults who love soccer can visit this complex. There is also a private parking lot. It is a beautifully kept venue for hosting different tournaments. Besides the fun Jurassic Park-like thorny stickers, many players and visitors appreciate the well-maintained fields. 

Fantastic and Fun Neighborhood Park in Southeast Austin 

Onion Creek Soccer Complex is reserved for the Austin Soccer leagues on the weekends. But during the weekdays, everyone can go there to have a walk, run, or work out. The greens are always groomed and well-maintained. But visiting in the mornings will make you watch out for sprinklers. 

This soccer complex is very dog-friendly. Visitors can bring their dogs to run around and have the freedom to explore the open field. Many adults appreciate running on grass because of the ease level.

There is also a track, but most people enjoy running the soccer fields’ perimeter. Aside from soccer games, individuals or groups also visit the site to fly kites and play frisbee. 

How to Get to Onion Creek Soccer Complex 

Any Austin trip is not complete without visiting the iconic Onion Creek Soccer Complex. And getting there is straightforward. If you plan to drive, here are the directions:

From 183 

Take 183 south past Highway 7/Ben White Boulevard to McKinney Falls Parkway. Next, turn right to the parkway and keep driving until William Cannon is reached. From there, turn right, and the soccer complex is found on the right after the turn, approximately a quarter mile.

From South Austin 

First, take the IH 35 north to the William Cannon Drive exit. Next, turn right to the access road and continue east on William cannon, around 1.5 miles. Finally, the soccer complex is located on the left side, approximately half block past the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road.

From North Austin 

Start driving by taking IH 35 south to the William Cannon Drive exit. Turn left (east) from the access road onto William Cannon, crossing over the IH 35. Next, keep driving east on William Cannon, around 1.5 miles. Finally, the soccer complex is located on the left, approximately a half block past the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road. 

Onion Creek Soccer Complex is Open for Field Rental 

Individuals or groups interested in renting the Onion Creek Soccer Complex fields can send an email to [email protected]. Please note that fields in this complex are only available for rental on Saturdays. The following information must be included:

  • Group name, wanting to rent a field 
  • Group’s contact person’s name, contact information, and billing address 
  • Date(s) that fields are needed
  • Number of fields needed 
  • Type of event or sport
  • Estimated number of attendees or participants 

The fields at the Onion Creek Soccer Complex are rented for particular activities, including concerts, American football, rugby, kickball, softball, or baseball because of the potential damage to the grass. Flying drones or remote-control aircraft, the use of metal detectors, paragliding, or hitting golf balls are not also allowed. 

Moreover, the fields are available for use only from 8:AM to 6:00 PM and cannot be rented for training or practice sessions. The soccer complex is closed each season from late November or early December for winter break through early February. This is because the grass is in its growing stage and dormancy. So, field rental during this period is not welcomed. 

Below is a list of the soccer complex rental fees:

  • $350 per field and per day – regular field rental 
  • $750 per field and per day – tournament field rental 
  • $199 per field and per 4 hours or $299 per field and per day – summer camp field rental 
  • Price quoted per application – miscellaneous field preparation 
  • Price quoted per application – goal displacement fee or alternate field lining 

Please note that the rental payment for the fields must be made by money order, check, or cashier’s check. 

Important Information About Onion Creek Soccer Complex 

  • Address: 5600 E William Cannon Dr, Austin, TX 78744
  • Phone: +1 512-795-8538 
  • Website: austinmenssoccer.com 
  • Business Hours: Monday to Friday (Closed), Saturday and Sunday (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM)