Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park

Texas is a place with a lot of theme parks. One of the most popular parks in Texas is the Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park. Visited by many guests yearly, this park is indeed worth visiting.

Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park is unique and important cultural scenery in one of Austin, Texas’s most natural park settings. Like all the land in the state, the place around this park was initially taken and used by Native Americans. 

Only across Austin Lake, which runs next to the north segment of the park, was a trendy spring called Santa Monica Springs. It is believed that the most current tribes that occupied the place before the coming of white settlers were Tonkawa ad Comanche, who frequently fished and hunted down the rivers and streams, frequenting Santa Monica Spring, employing it as a campsite.

The original Angle settled in this area was the Preece family when they arrived in central Texas in 1838. And by the time he was just 16 and in 1849, Preece was a helper with the Texas Rangers and formally joined the organization as a forest ranger in 1855. 

In 1859, he started acquiring land in this place and started to build a cattle ranch. Later, he sold the ground on the Colorado River and transferred to Bull Creek, which is only a few miles from the Colorado River.

Santa Monica Sprigs were admired and popular attractions in the 1890s. Steamer ships made trips up the river from Austin daily, carrying many passengers. The place was trendy for picnicking and camping, and they believed that the waters here can cure various kinds of illnesses. In 1893, Santa Monica Springs was constructed with pipe and cement so that the water would still be accessible after the opportunity of the new dam soaking them. The fame of Santa Monica Springs diminished around the turn of the 20th century as a dam on the Colorado River submerged and plunged the springs.

In the first quarter of the 20th century, the area became privatized as well as an operational cattle ranch, and Resaca Ranch, was operating on the land. Many historic structures from the ranch stay at the Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park at this point and take account of a ranch house, a caretaker house, as well as a barn.

Knowing that Austin was searching for waterfront parkland, and in 1983, Bradley and Wooley Incorporated sold 215 acres for the area recognized at this point as Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park. This park takes account of rustic wildland, scenic, picnic area, boat dock, as well as a swimming area intermixed with historic and notable artifacts, which makethis park really special.

Features of Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park

This 215-acre theme park is situated in Austin. You can find hiking trails inside the park’s three main regions, such as the chaparral, praine, and the canyon. The praine is a refurbished site and also features a lot of native grasses as well as wildflowers. The massive open area of Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park provides amazing opportunities for bird watching. Species like Nashville Warbler, Yellow Throated Vireo, as well as the White Tailed Kite have been seen in the praine. The perfect place to visit the park is during the winter season, as it is a commonplace to see wintering sparrows.

Along the track that loops around the praine, Austin’s Lake is accessible for fishing, birding as well as picnicking. Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park runs throughout the middle of this park, and a short trek up the water trail takes you to a canyon to a stunning set of falls.

What are the Amenities Offered

There are amenities offered by Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park, such as:

  • Boat ramp
  • Grills
  • BBQ Pits and Fire ring
  • Fisher pier
  • Parking
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic tables
  • Trails hiking


What are the Things To Do

  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Walking and Hiking
  • Wildlife watching
  • Picnicking


Operating Hours

Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park is open from 1 pm to 6 pm and closed on Mondays. Gates automatically lock in 6 pm sharp. In some cases, access is limited or affected by maintenance issues or events.

Important Information to Remember