Cathedral of Junk

The Cathedral of Junk is a whimsical multilevel shelter that has been constructed from over 60 tons of used furniture, home goods, and junk. It is located at 4422 Lareina Dr, Austin, TX 78745.  The project aims to bring awareness to the importance of reusing as much as possible. This unusual shelter is located in Portland, Oregon. It will soon open to the public for tours.

The Cathedral of Junk was built by artist Vince Hannemann in 1989. The pieces of trash were collected by Hannemann in the course of his life and he used them to create this structure. The building is a work of art in itself and includes stairways, secret rooms, and a tower. It is even fitted with wind chimes and sunbeams.

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The Cathedral of Junk is a unique sculpture that has been created by a local artist named Vince Hannemann. The sculptural creation began in 1989 as a cluster of sculptures. The artist uses junk he finds himself to create his monument, and fans have even started sending him trash to use in the construction. This process has taken several years and he has already declared the building 99 percent completed.

The Cathedral of Junk is a multi-level structure made out of reclaimed materials. It is the brainchild of Vince Hannemann, who has been sculpting for over 20 years. The sculptor used over 60 tons of junk to create this three-story sculpture. Some of the items found inside the structure are car bumpers, bicycle parts, lawn mower wheels, kitchen utensils, and cables.

In a recent interview, he explained why the cathedral is important for the community and its residents. He said that the cathedral’s artistic value is not immediately apparent to all. While he doesn’t charge for admission, Mr. Hannemann said he would gladly accept donations. The cathedral is open to the public.

If you’re looking for a unique venue for your next event, the Cathedral of Junk is the perfect place to hold an event. Visitors don’t have to pay for admission but are asked to make a donation of at least $10 per person or group. Many visitors will bring their junk to give to Vince as a gift.

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When entering the Cathedral of Junk, the structure is quite small from the outside. It’s barely bigger than Vince’s backyard, but once you’re inside, it expands dramatically. It’s divided into many levels, with several observation platforms. The “Throne Room” has a god-knows-what chair made of god-knows-what. This chair is located in the heart of the cathedral.

There’s something fascinating about the Cathedral of Junk and its story. Thousands of people come to see the cathedral every year. It’s a unique experience and is worth the trip. You should definitely plan on spending an hour or two exploring it.