Before I Die Wall Austin TX

The Before I Die wall in Austin, Texas is a unique and beautiful work of public art. Located on South Congress Ave, this mural is easy to miss. It sits right at the intersection of business, recreation, and domestic life. However, it is well worth a stop. The whimsical mural includes classic lyrics and funky script. You can visit this destination at 206 E Elizabeth St, Austin, TX 78704.

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This unique piece of public art connects thousands of people. In doing so, it fulfills the goal of connection and discovery that SXSW seeks to achieve. It has been photographed and cleaned often. More than just a cool design, however, the wall also serves a purpose: to connect and inspire others.

One of the more unique and beautiful murals in Austin is the Tau Ceti mural. The mural, which honors the centennial of women’s voting in the U.S., was created in 2018. The piece depicts a trio of triangular rainbows. It is impressive during the day, but even more enchanting at night. Take time to take a photo of it from several angles.

Next article.One of the artists who created the Before I Die wall is Daniel Johnston. He is an Austin native and has collaborated with several artists. His work has even been immortalized on a t-shirt worn by Kurt Cobain. In addition to creating this piece of public art, he is also a talented songwriter. He has worked with many musicians and owns Brown Recluse Studio. His work with Lila Downs has earned him a Latin Grammy. He also recently joined the Lucky Hound Music label as an A&R person and a staff producer.